What does our production look like and why is it worth buying from us?


1. Sublimation printer

Our sublimation printer is a device using sublimation technology that allows you to print high -quality graphics on various types of materials, such as fabrics, ceramics and plastics. Thanks to the use of this technology, our printer provides extremely durable and vibrant colors that do not fade even after many washes or exposure to sunlight.

Our sublimation printer is equipped with an advanced printing system that allows for precise and efficient printing of even very complex designs. In addition, our printer is very easy to use and does not require specialist technical knowledge, which allows for quick and trouble -free printing.

Using our sublimation printer is a guarantee of obtaining high -quality printing that will delight every recipient. Thanks to this, our products are not only durable and functional, but also look beautiful and attract attention with their design.

Therefore, if you are looking for a printer that will provide you with high -quality printing, our sublimation printer is just what you need.

Printing from this printer goes to a sublimation machine.

2. Machine for sublimation of prints

Our sublimation machine is fully automated and designed to achieve the best printing results. Thanks to this, our machine is able to precisely control the temperature, pressure and time of the sublimation process, which allows you to obtain extremely durable and vibrant colors.

In addition, our machine is equipped with an advanced cooling system that allows you to quickly cool the material after the sublimation process. Thanks to this, our products They are ready for use within a few minutes after printing.

Our machine is also very efficient, so we can handle large orders in a short time, without losing quality.

Using our sublimation machine is a guarantee of obtaining extremely durable and vivid colors and high -quality printing, which translates into the satisfaction and loyal of our clients.

The printout with your photo or pattern goes to the sublimation press, where it is permanently placed in the product.

3. Organization of work and orders

In our online store we focus on customer satisfaction, so we design each order manually, cut out faces ourselves and put them on the project. We also care about the fastest orders, so if you order up to 12 o'clock, there is a good chance that the order will go to you even on the next business day!

Our products are distinguished primarily by high quality and durability. We only use the best materials and use advanced technologies, such as sublimation, to get not only beautiful designs, but also practical and functional products.

Additionally, our offer It is very wide and varied. We have products for various age groups and interests, including children, adolescents, adults or the elderly. Our offer includes both ready -made products and the possibility of individual design and personalization.

We also place great emphasis on customer service quality and quick order processing. We try to best understand the needs of our clients and help them in every issue.

What distinguishes us from the competition is also the fact that we have our own technological facilities, which allows us to quickly and independent production. Thanks to this, we are able to react quickly to customer needs and provide products on time.

In short, it is worth ordering products on the store felicinebecause we offer high quality, wide selection and excellent customer service. We are also able to meet even the most demanding expectations, and our products will delight with their design and functionality.