Mug - my favourite child gave me this mug for a gift

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The mug is made of high quality ceramicpersonalized with polymer imprint, good withstanding dishwasher washing, guarantees that it will serve for a long time without losing the color intensity of the print. Its ergonomic shape and carefully crafted handle ensure comfort and safety during use.

  • Capacity: 300 ml
  • Height: 90 mm
  • Diameter: 80 mm


A gift ideal, of course, for Mom and Dads thanks to which it will be perfect at least for their birthdays or Mother's Day and Father's Day!

The personal imprint will make this mug special for the gifted person due to its uniqueness and the sentiment that is conveyed with the personalization process. 


Capacity: 330 ml
Height: 95 mm
Diameter: 82 mm
Collective packaging /cardboard /: 36 pcs.

Table of Sizes

Men's t-shirt

Women's T-shirt

A blouse without the hood


Boxers: 33cm width (m), 40cm (L), 47cm (XL)

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