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If you want to make your partner an unforgettable surprise, we have a proposal for you that will certainly amuse and please. Our Personalized boxers With a photo of your face and the inscription "Wednesday ice cream" is not only a unique gift, but also an expression of your love and a sense of humor.

These boxers, made of the highest quality materials, provide not only the comfort of wearing, but also a unique effect of laughter. You can personalize them by adding a photo of your face, which will make the gift even more personal and funny. It's a great way to express your feelings in an unconventional way, regardless of the occasion.

"Wednesday ice cream" is not only a boxer inscription, it is also a message of love and a playful game of words that will bring a smile on your partner's face. Great for the day Boyfriend, anniversary or simply to emphasize your love in a funny way. These boxers will become not only a practical element of wardrobe, but also a unique souvenir from your happy relationship.

Let these personalized boxers "Wednesday ice cream" become a symbol of your closeness, a sense of humor and love. Surprise your partner with a gift that will definitely amuse him and make your moments more pleasant. It's a great way to express your feelings in an intriguing and funny way that will be remembered for a long time!


- Cotton Touch flexible polyester,
- 180 g/m2

Table of Sizes

Men's t-shirt

Women's T-shirt

A blouse without the hood


Boxers: 33cm width (m), 40cm (L), 47cm (XL)

Product notes

The product does not have black elements, the print is made in A4 format.

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