Funny personalized boxer shorts with your own print/face photo for gift 12

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Personalized boxer shorts With your own face photo is our flagship product that is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face. This unique gift allows you to add your own photo or print to the boxers, making it a versatile gift. What's more, we've also added funny designs that add even more charm to this already unusual gift.

The girl's face is specially cut and pasted onto the boxers, making it even more the center of attention. This gift is perfect for many occasions, such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, boyfriend's day or simply as a memorable gift for boyfrienda. Such personalized boxer shorts are sure to be remembered for a long time and will make a remarkable keepsake.

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- Cotton Touch flexible polyester,
- 180 g/m2

Table of Sizes

Men's t-shirt

Women's T-shirt

A blouse without the hood


Boxers: 33cm width (m), 40cm (L), 47cm (XL)

Product notes

The product does not have black elements, the print is made in A4 format.

Customer reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ciziele berry

Funny personalized boxers with your own print/face photo for a gift 12

Emilia Bembnista

A nice gift idea for a beloved man (necessarily with a sense of humor), a nice print, I don't know what it will look like after washing. I recommend

Zuzanna Żyła

Funny personalized boxers with your own print/face photo for a gift 12

Please send me a package with my husband

Please send the package as much as possible

Viktoriia Kuzubova

Funny personalized boxers with your own print/face photo for a gift

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